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Certified Liveness Detection

A Must-Have Feature for Biometric-Based Verification

Massive, broad-scale data breaches and the resulting rise of the dark web mean legacy identity verification and authentication methods have been compromised. Deepfakes, bots and advanced spoofing attacks have made certified liveness detection a must-have feature in any biometric-based verification solution. Jumio integrates certified 3D liveness detection from FaceTec to thwart the many well-documented vulnerabilities in less robust liveness technologies which are susceptible to spoofing.

Jumio steers clear of gesture-based gimmicks, like asking a user to blink, move their eyes or speak a random passcode, as these techniques add friction to the experience, and are also easily fooled by basic spoofing tactics. In fact, Jumio was the first identity verification solution to leverage certified liveness detection — that is, biometric-based technology that passed Level-1 and Level-2 certification for NIST iBeta Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing.

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