Improve Purchase Conversion While Increasing Security

Jumio’s unique computer vision solutions help the travel industry to deliver great mobile customer experiences with mobile check-in and improve purchase conversion while increasing security in their mobile channel.

  • Obtain Advance Passenger Information (APIS)
  • Minimize booking abandonment rates
  • Prevent card fraud

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Solutions Across the Travel Industry

Hotel Check-in

Credit card and ID scanning eliminates laborious manual data entry on small mobile devices, reducing abandonment and increasing hotel bookings using mobile.

International Terminal Check-in

Use digital ID verification to help balance the security requirements of data collection by providing passengers a quick and streamlined way to obtain boarding passes for international travel.

Taxi Services

Taxis can use computer vision technology to reduce fraud-related chargebacks and deter criminals, while rewarding good customers with a rapid checkout process.

Travel Booking

Create fast and effortless checkout experiences, minimizing the likelihood shoppers will abandon their mobile transactions before completion.

Domestic Terminal Check-in

Travelers can scan their card to speed up payment when buying a flight ticket and then scan their passport to quickly check in for domestic flights.

Vacation Rental

Real-time ID verification enhances the trust and safety efforts of the world’s leading community-driven hospitality companies

How Jumio Benefits the Travel Industry

Obtain Advance Passenger Information (APIS)

Leading airlines are turning to Jumio to help balance the security requirements of passenger data collection with providing travelers a quick and streamlined way to obtain boarding passes for international travel.

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Minimize booking abandonment rates

The travel industry has the highest online transaction abandonment rate of any industry. Jumio is working with leading brands to create fast and effortless checkout experiences that minimize the likelihood that shoppers will abandon a mobile transaction before the transaction is completed.

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Prevent card fraud

The travel industry suffers from high fraud-related chargebacks and other transactional fraud. Jumio’s computer vision technology has been widely adopted by the travel industry to deter criminals and reward good customers with a rapid checkout processes.

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"At easyJet we’re all about making travel easy and after the hugely positive feedback we got from our new check-in process, the next step was to bring Jumio’s scanning technology into the booking process. In the two weeks since its launch, we have already seen a huge uptake by customers and, again, are enjoying great feedback making it even easier to book to over 130 destinations."

James Millett, Head of Digital, easyJet
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