With Jumio’s unique computer vision technology solutions and mobile commerce optimization, retail merchants achieve higher conversion rates while mitigating fraud risk and delivering great mobile experiences for their customers.

Today’s consumers expect intuitive and easy experiences on their mobile devices. While social networking and gaming apps have excelled in delivering great user experiences, mobile commerce apps, by and large have not consistently achieved the same level of success. Merchants are under pressure: mobile revenue expectations are up but unfortunately so are shopping cart abandonment rates. In addition, mitigating fraud risk is critical to both a retailer’s bottom line and a customer’s experience. The reason is simple: the mobile shopping checkout experience is still not as quick, secure and convenient as mobile-savvy buyers expect it to be.

At Jumio we’re working with some of the leading brands in the retail industry to create fast and intuitive mobile experiences that bring together security and convenience in a way that puts a smile on your customer’s face.

Jumio’s approach is to create a better mobile shopping experience using computer vision technology to extract and auto-populate data from payment cards and/or ID documents into mobile shopping cart forms.

Here’s how we’re working with leading retailers to make customers smile and keeps the criminals out of the industry:

Reduce mobile checkout abandonment and increase conversion lift: Jumio greatly reduces the amount of mobile cart abandonment by creating a user experience that accelerates the checkout process, preventing shoppers from becoming impatient with lengthy processes causing them to abandon the transaction before it’s complete. Learn more…
Prevent card fraud: Card fraud is one of online retail’s persistent problems. The true challenge facing retailers today though is to deliver a great experience for good customers while keeping the cybercriminal out. Jumio’s computer vision technology helps online retailers to reduce costly fraud-related chargebacks, while at the same time increasing successful checkout completion. Learn more…

Learn more about Jumio solutions:

“Our goal is to offer the most convenient and safe credit card scanning and payment solution to our customers that’s why we selected Jumio.”


We’ve enabled Jumio’s solution to enhance our trust & safety efforts. It was easy to implement and the latest platform offers a fresh clean design and an intuitive user interface.”


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