Higher Conversion Rates and Risk Mitigation

With Jumio’s unique computer vision technology solutions and mobile commerce optimization, retail merchants achieve higher conversion rates while mitigating fraud risk and delivering great mobile experiences for their customers.

  • Reduce mobile checkout abandonment and increase conversion lift
  • Prevent card fraud

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Solutions Across the Retail Ecosystem

Mobile Checkout

Instantly extract payment data, customer name, and if present, address data too.

Customer Account Access

Provide a streamlined and secure alternative to knowledge-based authentication.

Reduce Friendly Fraud

Reduce friendly fraud by revealing or verifying the true identity of the person on the other end of the transaction.

Credit Card Processing

Eliminate credit card fraud. Verify customers' identity documents and ensure the person holding the card is who they say they are.

Conversion Optimization

Instantly and neatly populate customer data into the checkout pages increasing transaction completion and reducing abandonment.

PCI Compliance

Jumio is PCI Level 1 compliant and regularly conducts security audits, vulnerability scans, and penetration tests to ensure compliance with security best practices and standards

How Jumio Benefits Retail Services

Reduce Mobile Checkout Abandonment and Increase Conversion Lift

Jumio greatly reduces the amount of mobile cart abandonment by creating a user experience that accelerates the checkout process, preventing shoppers from becoming impatient with lengthy processes causing them to abandon the transaction before it’s complete.

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Prevent Card Fraud

Card fraud is one of online retail’s persistent problems. The true challenge facing retailers today though is to deliver a great experience for good customers while keeping the cybercriminal out. Jumio’s computer vision technology helps online retailers to reduce costly fraud-related chargebacks, while at the same time increasing successful checkout completion.

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Recommended Solutions

Jumio ID Verification

Determine if an ID is authentic and belongs to the user.

  • jumio Jumio ID Verification
  • jumio Simple user experience
  • jumio Catch fake IDs

Jumio Identity Verification

Ensure that the person behind a transaction is who they say they are.

  • jumio Government-issued ID + selfie
  • jumio Liveness detection
  • jumio Compare ID photo to selfie

Jumio Authentication

Replace outdated KBA with the simplicity and security of a selfie.

  • jumio Verify enrolled users
  • jumio Unlock access to passwords, accounts and other enrolled services
  • jumio Fast, secure and reliable

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