Jumio offers unique computer vision solutions to help gaming operators verify customer age, improve sign-up rates and beat cyber-criminals with easy KYC

Your customer verification technologies should do more than just meet the letter of the law. In fact, the method by which you verify the identity of your customer can and should be an important differentiator between you and your competitors. It’s time for the gaming industry to change the way it thinks about customer identity verification and to recognize that delivering a quality customer experience needn’t come at the expense of meeting security and KYC objectives.

Many gaming operators still rely on outdated customer verification methods by asking customers to email or fax copies of ID documents at point of registration, deposit or payout. This is not only inconvenient for your customer; it also breaks the transaction momentum, which results in significant drop-off and customer dissatisfaction.

Jumio’s approach is different and has been specifically developed to meet the challenge of how to verify identity in a connected-device environment. We use computer vision technology to validate, extract and auto-populate data from ID documents and payment cards so that registration, deposit and payout transactions are quicker and more secure.

This technology embeds directly into your site or app and helps in the following ways:

Conduct KYC/Age verification: Many leading operators use our document authentication service to comply with regulatory age verification requirements. Learn more…
Increase sign-up, reduce abandonment and churn: Jumio’s computer vision technology has been proven to speed up the customer experience at point of customer sign-up, deposit or payout to reduce abandonment and churn. It’s too expensive to acquire customers only to lose them due to time-consuming and unfriendly business processes. Learn more…
Prevent card fraud: Mandated by jurisdictional licensing requirements, gaming operators use Jumio’s ID verification capability to make sure that their customers are who they say they are, and to keep cyber-criminals at bay.

Learn more about Jumio solutions:

“By adding Jumio’s Netverify® into the customer verification process, we are making life quicker and easier for our customers, minimising fall-out from lengthy verification processes and removing costly man hours.”


“Jumio offers a new and unique approach in the identity verification market and we are pleased and excited to be working closely with them to help develop and deliver an innovative and exciting customer verification solution.”


“In the first week of being live with Netverify, we received and validated more customer ID documents than we would have previously in a whole month.”

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Here’s how Jumio supports leading industry operator Betfair.

Here’s how Jumio supports leading industry operator Betfair.

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