SolidTrust Pay Integrates with Netverify for Faster Account Upgrades

We are happy to announce that SolidTrust Pay incorporates Jumio’s Netverify system into their verification process. The new partnership helps significantly reduce processing delays and allows members quicker access to their funds.

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) policies and document verification are an integral part of any ecommerce provider’s fraud protection process. SolidTrust Pay (STPay) routinely requests verification documents from members requiring increased account privileges or spending limits, but manual verification of identification documents is time consuming. To reduce verification wait times, SolidTrust Pay has recently partnered with Jumio to provide faster document verification with Netverify.

Members using the Netverify option to upgrade their accounts will either capture an image of their ID using a webcam or upload a copy. Netverify checks the documentation for fraud or tampering, allowing STPay to upgrade customer accounts at a fraction of the time and cost required to manually process the same information. In addition to being PCI compliant, Netverify also uses 256 bit encryption to protect document transmission. This encryption is matched by STPay’s own standards to ensure secure transmission across both platforms.

For more information visit the STPay website

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