Social Media, Social Caution

Social media is now an important part of everyday life. It connects us to new and old friends, job prospects, products and services. But like any new technology it also provides a way new way for criminals to steal your ID and money.

Here’s Jumio’s top tips to keep yourself safe when using social media:

  • Consider what you post online. Avoid posting private information on social media. Information such as birthdates, family names and addresses are all key pieces of information for criminals to exploit.
  • Read the small print. Read and understand how and what information a website, app or social media platform will collect and ensure it isn’t sold to an outside party.
  • Click with care. Avoid following links that are unsolicited, even if they appear on a social media page. One wrong click could lead to unwanted sites or add malware to a computer.
  • Block the fakes. Beware of fake social media profiles posing as real people or even friends. Blocking them helps to neutralise the threat they pose.
  • Keep your passwords strong and secure. You should change your password once every six months and use a combination of long phrases, numbers and symbols to make it as difficult as possible for hackers to access your account.

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