SMEs lead the way on Mcommerce Innovation

Large businesses have traditionally been pioneers when it comes to being on the cutting edge of technology, but when it comes to mcommerce, a major push is being led by small and medium sized businesses that are not held back by the infrastructure and red tape restricting their larger counterparts.

SMEs are keen to try out strategies such as mcommerce- the technology is affordable and ubiquitous whilst allowing plenty of scope for innovation. Because of this, SMEs are starting to play a growing and important role in driving innovation in online shopping and payments through the use of smartphones.

Utilising smartphones and tablets can help to simplify the operation of the business as a whole, particularly for small retailers.

The more mcommerce technology is used, the more rapidly mcommerce innovations are developed to improve convenience, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. These innovations are not only limited to sales but can help in areas including paperless inventory, online banking, and m-payments all giving these entrepreneurs new ways to conduct business. It’s exciting to see innovation coming from smaller, independent companies.


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