Partner Spotlight: How 15below and Jumio can help automate the mobile check-in experience – wowing your customers in the process

Imagine you’re a passenger, about to take a flight.

You’re running slightly behind schedule and have forgotten to check-in online. Without prompt, you automatically join the snaking queue at the check-in desk. Stress-levels are rising. The clock is ticking.

Or you could be the family at the airport already. You arrived in plenty of time, but your flight is delayed. No flight information, no updates. The kids are growing restless and overly excited; all you really want is a quiet place to sit down with an ice cold drink.

Working with our partner 15below, we are exploring common situations that trouble passengers on the day of travel. These concept cases will show how you could use smart automated notifications in conjunction with frictionless mobile payment, ID verification and form-filling technology to smooth the passenger experience, improve ancillary conversions and grow your day-of-travel revenue.

About 15below

15below have been creating notification systems and workflows to manage day-to-day travel services and the logistical nightmares caused by travel for over 15 years.

Their vision is simple – make journeys easier and more enjoyable by giving customers and their passengers a strong sense of control.

Using one platform, they integrate directly with your reservation system and other data sources to create highly targeted, personalised notifications. From unpredictable storm disruption to day-to-day itinerary processes, they deliver the information your passengers’ need, as they need it.

15 below

Scenario 1: Passengers running late for check-in

To recap: The passenger is on their way to the airport, is running behind schedule, and hasn’t completed online check-in. There is a chance they could miss their flight, incurring extra fees and a delayed journey. For you it means flying with empty seats and losing the opportunity to provide your customers with a better travel experience. Let’s explore:

Step 1: 6-8 hours before flight departure, 15below’s passenger communications platform uses data from the reservation system and any other third party data sources – including frequent flyer and CRM systems – to determine if your passenger has checked-in.

Step 2: Using pre-defined and tailored business rules, the 15below system filters all passengers who have not yet checked-in and places them in a queue for further action.

Step 3: Within minutes, 15below automatically sends a tailored notification via SMS, App Push, or Email to all passengers held within that queue. Each individual notification is personalized to each passenger, including language, airport information and any tailored ancillary promotions.

Step 4: The check-in reminder contains a link to the check-in page on the airline’s mobile site or opens check-in directly through the mobile app. For passengers who have not yet entered their passport details, they would then need to complete the online APIS form manually using the fiddly mobile keyboard – a frustrating and error-prone task when on the move.

Step 5: Using Jumio’s Fastfill technology, the passenger uses their device camera to scan their passport, instantaneously extracting and populating the check-in form with their passport details – cutting mobile check-in time from 2 minutes, to just 20 seconds.

Step 6: 15below passenger communications platform automatically re-checks the DCS at pre-defined intervals and can repeat this notification process up until online check-in closes.


The result? You improve the mobile check-in experience, delight passengers and reduce the risk of passengers missing flights, creating a smoother, less-stressed day of travel experience.

At the same time, you maximise the number of passengers making their flights, reduce the amount of staff needed at the check-in desk and can re-allocate resource as needed – saving both time and money for you and your passengers.

More scenarios coming soon. Visit back for more ideas on how to improve the mobile experience for passengers and boost day of travel ancillary revenue.
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