New UI for Netverify web and redirect is now available

The latest Netverify release offers added function and changes as listed below, as well as stability changes for end-users.

  • New UI for Netverify web and redirect is available.
    • Responsive design (automatically changes to fit the device your users are using)
    • Optimized user journey with less user clicks
    • If you are interested in testing testing or turning on the new UI for your account, please contact Jumio Support.
  • Backside of USA Identity Card is now required for verification.
  • MISSING_SIGNATURE reject reason has been updated and will now be returned for all document types.
  • Redacting hint is shown for end-users for following country and IDs, if masking is required by the customer.
    • Netherlands
      • Passport
      • Identity Card
      • Driving License

The Jumio support team is happy to answer your questions at or

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