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Necessary API changes until February, 2014

With the latest release, the following new items needs to be taken into account for implementing Netverify:

  • When accessing the image link in the callback, you must use HTTP GET; HTTP POST will cease to be supported at the end of February, 2014
  • RESTful URL getSupportedDocumentTypes has been changed to
    supportedDocumentTypes. getSupportedDocumentTypes will cease to be supported at the end of February, 2014
  • Parameter “merchantIdScanReference” must not contain sensitive data
  • Parameters “customerId” and “additionalInformation” should not contain sensitive data

Additional release notes include:

  • Introduction of two new RESTful APIs: supportedIdTypes and acceptedIdTypes
  • “Mandatory fields” submenu in your Jumio merchant settings has been renamed to “Data settings” and separated into mandatory and optional fields

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