Mobile Commerce the Driver of Retail Growth in Q2!

We’ve all known that mobile is the next big thing but now we have the evidence to prove it. The statistics come from the recent UK IMRG / Capgemini sales index. The report takes into account Ecommerce and Mcommerce and provides an insight into the different payment methods and the consumer preference for them in online retail.

The domination of Mcommerce in retail can now be seen with 133% YoY growth in the UK market reported in August but perhaps surprisingly is that tablets are taking the lions share with 85% of online sales attributed to these devices. Most significantly though is that mobile commerce now accounts for 23% of the UK etail market and cannot be ignored!

At Jumio we have been advocating that retailers need to take mobile more seriously for a long time now but now it looks like that those retailers that are not doing so are now running the risk of losing out.

To read more see the IMRG’s

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