Men are more mobile when it comes to travel

Recent research from the Millenial Media Travel Report has shown that m-commerce is strongest in the travel industry with men aged between 25 and 44. The travel industry is very buoyant as is m-commerce – indeed eMarketer predicts that the mobile travel sector will be worth $55.5 billion in 2017 – but it’s not money for nothing!

Knowing your audience is key to all marketers but if you happen to find that your demographic encapsulates that of ‘young enough to get involved’ and ‘enough disposable income to do it’ you have to make sure you are not putting up any barriers. In this case the travel industry needs to make sure that it keeps up with the advances in mobile commerce or watch their potential customers fly by having spent their hard earned money with someone else!

Mobile commerce and travel has been close to the heart of Jumio from the very beginning –it is truly amazing how one man’s travel frustrations has led to a full on mobile revolution! If you haven’t read our founders message (Daniel Mattes) click here and you’ll understand what I mean!

Jumio has some great travel clients going mobile with us including the likes of Travelocity and AirBnB and we’ve helped them so much it’s won us awards. That said it’s always nice to see industry stats that show we are answering a genuine market need!

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