Mcommerce: Optimise to Capitalise

More stores need to optimise their Mcommerce sites to capitalise on the opportunity Mcommerce presents.

According to the UK Retailer Mobile Optimisation report, there has been a surge in Mcommerce purchases which now accounts for nearly 20% of all UK E-commerce traffic and this surge is mirrored in the US where 12% of overall ecommerce revenue is now made up of Mcommerce.

Despite this a quarter of the top 100 UK retailers have yet to optimise their e-commerce websites for mobile devices. The increase in ecommerce revenue overall is masking the significant opportunity that a mobile optimised Mcommerce site provides. Simply converting a traditional ecommerce site to cater to Mcommerce traffic is not good enough, to truly capitalise on the opportunity Mcommerce presents a truly mobile optimised site should be developed.

But launching a mobile website should not be the end of a retailer’s mobile strategy. Just like e-commerce websites, they require constant updates and modifications based on analysis of user behaviour to create a truly seamless shopping experience that maximises profits.


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