Mcommerce now accounts for 21% of all ecommerce sales

The global e-commerce market is growing rapidly as smartphone adoption accelerates. More people are using their mobile devices in their daily lives and this is putting more focus on mobile shopping. Using a smartphone to shop online or at a physical store is becoming easier and new mobile commerce services are proving to be rewarding for consumers that use them.

Mobile now accounts for 21% of all e-commerce sales. It is expected that mcommerce will generate some $84 billion globally by the end of this year, showing that more and more consumers favour shopping from their mobile devices.

Apps are often seen as useful mobile commerce tools, but websites designed to cater to a mobile audience also have a great impact in the e-commerce space. The quality of these sites can determine whether or not a purchase is finalized – a poorly designed website could drive people away from mobile commerce relatively easily. When it comes to shopping online, consumers may also worry about the security of their financial information.

As the sector continues to mature, retailers are investing in solutions such as Netverify, helping to ensure that consumer information is collected efficiently, as well as safely.

Source: Internet Retailer

by Hollie Stephens
European Marketing Campaign Executive at Jumio

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