Jumio unites with United Airlines to achieve founder’s goal

The idea behind Jumio was borne out of a moment of holiday payment friction frustration. Founder Daniel Mattes was on holiday in France and was trying to pay for ticket for a friend to join his party. When he tried to book a plane ticket with a local airline using his Austrian credit card, in France, for a passenger whose name was different to the name on the payment card, the transaction was denied. Despite being completely legitimate, Daniel’s transaction was refused as it appeared fraudulent. In that moment of frustration, by not being able to confirm his own identity with the banking and travel industry whilst abroad, the idea for Jumio was born. Daniel believed that ID confirmation should be easy and quick, with the minimum of hassle for the customer wherever they are in the world.
It is very appropriate then that Jumio today adds United Airlines to its list of partners.

United Airlines is now the first U.S. airline to offer customers the ability to scan their passports to check-in for international flights via their iOS and Android mobile devices through the airline’s mobile app. United airlines has always been ahead of the industry in innovation, it was the first airline, back in 2007, to introduce mobile boarding passes and it is only fitting that it is the first to adopt visual ID verification.

Security and consumer convenience have always been in conflict with each other, but Jumio has changed that. Jumio’s document scanning, data extraction and document authentication services enable a faster and more convenient process for consumers that takes seconds instead of minutes to complete and, thanks to our document authentication technology, this is accomplished without sacrificing any of the security aspect.

United Airline’s adoption of Jumio’s computer vision technology means that Daniel’s idea of universal, easy, fast and smooth ID verification is a step closer to being a universal reality.

About Jumio Corp

Jumio delivers the next-generation in identity verification, enabling businesses to reduce fraud and increase revenue while providing a fast, seamless customer experience.