Jumio Face Match

Here’s a question…How did we all assert our identities before the age of the Internet when transactions were mainly face to face? By showing our identity documents of course. And what did the people to which we showed our ID documents do? Well of course they compared the smiley happy face in the identity document to the smiley happy face standing in front of them.

Well today Jumio has made that process possible for this Internet age and we are happy to announce the launch of our new Face Match feature on the Jumio Netverify platform.

Sites using Jumio can now not only view and instantly validate customer ID documents as if the customer was standing there in front of them but they can also (metaphorically speaking) look up and check to see that the person transacting is the same person presenting their ID documents.


To hear more about Face Match and how Jumio is making “person-not-present” transactions to be as secure as a traditional “person present” transaction, please click here.


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