Better Together

Together, Jumio and Okta provide strong online identity proofing for new accounts and existing users. With user self-verification powered by Jumio, you can confidently grant the access you need to make your enterprise run efficiently.

Strong Online Identity Proofing through Self-Verification

Modern organizations rely on identity proofing to meet a variety of compliance mandates, combat online fraud and drive customer acquisition in a user-friendly and seamless way.

By combining Okta with Jumio, organizations can reliably validate the digital identities of their online customers in seconds and grant them appropriate access to the sites and services they need.

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How it Works

Okta-enabled enterprises can incorporate Jumio’s solutions into their workflow for an additional layer of security, triggering online verifications of new users directly from the Administrator Dashboard. Leveraging Jumio’s AI-powered technology, organizations can quickly build workflows to capture pictures of government-issued IDs and corroborating selfies to more definitively establish the digital identities of their end users.

Step 1

Admins trigger an email to the end user within the Okta portal, and the user clicks the button within that email to start the process.

id verification check

Step 2

The user selects the type of ID document they will capture and then takes a picture of the front and back of their ID.

screenshot of biometric lines over selfie photo

Step 3

The user takes a corroborating selfie and performs a liveness check to make sure they are physically present. Jumio’s AI and machine learning algorithms quickly assess the authenticity of the ID document and redirect the user back to Okta.

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Step 4

Within the Okta portal, admins are notified if the end user has passed the identity verification process and is clear to be assigned the appropriate user privileges.

The Jumio + Okta Advantage

Identity Proofing & Authentication

Quickly identity proof new users when they create remote accounts and authenticate end-users that require a special level of access.

Higher Access Privileges

Gain an extra layer of security for internal employees that require higher access privileges.

Account Recovery

Make the account recovery process significantly more secure and reliable than traditional forms of authentication.

More Benefits

Seamless Implementation

Out-of-the-box integration between Jumio and Okta allows you to quickly support the end-to-end user journey on your website or mobile app.

Intuitive User Experience

Thanks to smartphone manufacturers (most notably Apple and Samsung) the notion of unlocking your digital identity with your face has become a familiar and intuitive process.

Higher Levels of Assurance

Tethering a remote customer’s digital identity to a government-issued ID and corroborating selfie offers higher levels of identity assurance.

Global Coverage

Jumio supports more than 5,000 ID document types from more than 200 countries and territories.

Better Fraud Detection

The simple act of requiring a selfie and performing a liveness check has a chilling effect on most fraudsters.

Simplified Compliance

For companies operating in regulated industries, Jumio’s AI-powered solutions can help streamline and simplify Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

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