Identity fraud on caffeine…

As part of Jumio’s aim to help businesses increase customer acquisition and decrease fraud, we’ve been busy trying to get inside the mind of the fraudster by doing some research into how fraudsters do ID Theft. Our soon to be released new Jumio white paper, “The Fraudsters’ Playbook” lifts the lid on five common tricks of the trade that fraudsters use to steal identities to enable them to go on to commit fraud.

Today we are releasing the first part of this research and in particular are uncovering how fraudsters lounge around in coffee shops sipping a latte whilst they run bogus WiFi networks for legitimate coffee shop customer to log onto. The fraudsters lie in wait on these WiFi networks with the purpose of stealing the personal details of unsuspecting Wi-Fi users.

Here’s how it works:

WiFi ID Theft Step 1

WiFi ID Theft Step 2

WiFi ID Theft Step 3

WiFi ID Theft Step 4

To see more on this ID Theft exploit click here.

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