Our clients continue to come up with novel ways to use Netverify. Tell us about yours!

Financial Institutions:

  • Lenders use Netverify as part of the loan approval process eliminating paperwork and time spent faxing or mailing documents.  Keep your customer’s momentum during the application process by allowing borrowers to safely scan their government-issued identification during the online or mobile application process directly from a computer webcam or smartphone.
  • Netverify helps reduce fraud and facilitate safer money transfers. Netverify’s authentication process minimizes risk while helping you meet anti-money laundering and know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. Netverify is not only for web and mobile applications.  It’s also beneficial to deploy within a branch or office location to allow individuals claiming funds to hold up their ID to a web camera or smartphone camera during the claim process.  This removes the authentication task from your employees.


  • Major retailers use Netverify at in-store kiosks to verify customer IDs  purchasing cell phones and data plans.  Offering the service in-store means that store employees do not need to handle customer identification documents and that makes for a more pleasant customer experience and less data liability.
  • Online retailers use Netverify when customers make sizable credit card purchases.  Determining that the customer has a valid ID at the time of purchase greatly reduces the chance that there will be a subsequent chargeback.

Online Marketplaces & Communities:

  • Peer-to-peer marketplaces are using Netverify to foster trust and safety in their communities. When customers sign-up or register, they are requested to identify themselves by holding up their driver license or passport to their cell phone or web cam.. The secure and seamless process means that more customers complete their registration and can minimize chargebacks for purchased transactions.
  • Make ride-sharing and vacation rentals safer for all parties involved by requesting customers to verify IDs during the account creation. Netverify can also be easily implemented into mobile applications helping you further increase sign-up conversion and garner trust among members of your service.

Online and Social Gaming:

Ensure that age and geographic jurisdiction requirements are properly met by authenticating all members and players during the account creation. Netverify’s authentication process can confirm a player’s identity based on government issued IDs from over 100 countries.

Password protected websites:

Use Netverify to provide users a more streamlined and secure way to gain entrance back into your site after being locked out of their accounts due to multiple failed password attempts.  The current process is time consuming and rather frustrating for users who have lost their passwords and wish to quickly log into their accounts.

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