Enhance Your Mobile Application with Real-time ID Scanning and Identity Verification

Netverify Mobile is a unique solution that allows you to authenticate your customers’ identities using their IOS and Android mobile device cameras.

Our ID authentication and identity verification reduces the risk of fraudulent activity, while significantly saving time associated with the confirmation process and reducing associated costs with KYC requirements for your mobile service or online community.

Netverify Mobile uses a variety of checks to ensure an ID is legitimate and hasn’t been manipulated, and in cases where a transaction requires an additional authentication layer, Face Match with liveness technology can be enabled. Face Match technology checks for liveness by detecting small movements, ensuring that a static image isn’t being used, and then compares the customer’s face with the photo on their ID to produce a likelihood-of-match score. Validation and Face Matching happens on average in under 90 seconds, and provides you with the security you need to offer high-risk, mobile based transactions; while giving your users the anytime, anywhere, any transaction freedom they want.

Netverify Mobile SDK easily integrates Jumio’s ID authentication and identity verification technology into your iPhone and Android applications taking only 30 minutes of developer time.

How it Works

Integrated within your app, customers tap the “scan now” button to activate their smartphone camera and securely scan an image of the front and/or back of their document to complete a registration or application process in seconds.

Your customers select their country and doc­u­ment type to be verified...

...hold up their ID to the webcam...

… until the success screen indi­cates that the doc­u­ment is valid.

Get Started

Let a Jumio expert show you how easy it can be to integrate Netverify’s leading edge ID verification solution to your website or mobile experience. Start by requesting more information and we’ll be in touch shortly.