Address KYC Compliance, Decrease Fraud, and Increase Customer Conversions

As you strive to meet the growing demand to expand mobile business or even become a pure digital play, meeting KYC/AML compliance requirements and combating fraud are two prevalent concerns. You need a reliable and proven way to verify customer identities while providing a positive customer experience.

Netverify with biometric facial recognition enables companies to conduct ID verification combined with a complete identity verification – ensuring the person is physically who they say they are and have possession of the documentation to prove it.

In addition to scanning and authenticating government-issued documents for ID verification to ensure compliance with industry regulations, Netverify’s biometric facial recognition combats fraudsters who attempt to use static images to “fake” their identity. Netverify performs both a Face Match and a 'liveness' check, which takes no more than five seconds, to monitor for even the slightest facial movement. This improved process can not only increase customer conversions, it can also significantly minimize fraud and the resulting costs associated with unauthorized transactions. All without impacting the customer experience.

How it Works

Integrated within your app, Jumio's Netverify combines digital ID verfication and biometric facial recognition to determine if the person on the other end of the transaction is who they say they are.

Netverify performs facial recognition and detects
'liveness' to prove cardholder presence....

liveness detection for id verification

...and performs Face Match to ensure ID matches
live face and that the person performing the
transaction is who they say they are.

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