How to save Christmas travellers time and get them home safely to see their loved ones

At Jumio we are in the throes of holiday festivities but this week we don’t want to talk about shopping, checkout abandonment or even chunky knitwear – today we want to talk about cutting down on travel time when travellers are desperate to get home to see loved ones. Here’s how Jumio helps airlines ease travel times for Christmas passengers….

It’s Christmas Day at Heathrow – the third busiest airport in the world – and 100,178 passengers will be battling to check-in and make it to their flights. [1]

The one constant for all passengers is that no one wants to spend time queuing at check-in. So how can we save Heathrow 25,000 passenger hours this Christmas Day? The answer, Jumio’s computer vision technology!

Leading carriers such as United Airlines and easyJet are ahead of the game when it comes to giving their customers a quicker travel experience and saving their customers time at the airport. Instead of queuing at check-in to provide their passport data, they can use their United or easyJet app. All they have to do is hold up their passport to their device camera and Jumio’s technology embedded into their airline’s app captures Advance Passenger Information including Name, Passport number and issue and expiry information. Passengers then get issued a mobile boarding pass on their device because the airline has already captured their passport details.

Here’s the maths….the time saved per passenger queuing at check in is on average 15 minutes. So if every airline at Heathrow integrated Jumio into their app we could be saving Heathrow airport 25,000 passenger hours on Christmas Day.

We hope you all get to where you need to be as fast and as safely this Christmas!


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