How to Maximise Your Day-of-Travel Revenue Streams During Disruptive Times

This article follows the “Improving the mobile check-in experience…” blog post which highlighted how mobile check-in experiences can be enhanced using automated passenger notifications and Jumio’s automated form-filling technology.

In this next post, we look at how mobile experiences for passengers on the go can be improved and how to generate extra ancillary revenue in the process.


Scenario 2: Flight Delays & the Opportunity for Last Minute Ancillary Purchases

Scenario Description

A business traveller arrives at the airport in time for her flight however, the flight has last minute delays. This means it doesn’t depart for another few hours. Naturally, the traveller wants regular flight status updates sent directly to her phone. She would also consider relevant facilities or products that would make her wait more comfortable and productive, such as last-minute lounge access or seat upgrade.



  1. The 15below Passenger Communications Platform

This solution kicks into action upon detecting changes in the flight departure time. It integrates with FLIFO reservations and other systems to present highly targeted ancillary product offers, adding to the overall personal notification gestalt. Few examples are lounge access or a good voucher for a meal at the airport.


  1. Personalised Notification via Communication Channel of Choice

Once the traveller receives few recommendations on how to better spend her time while at the airport, the experience gets even further personalised by receiving more tailored flights status notifications which can be delivered via in the language and communication channel – SMS, App update, push messages, or e-mail.


  1. Purchase Review

Once the traveller selects the offer that best suits her needs, she is then directed to the airline’s microsite/mobile app to review and purchase the chosen product/service.


  1. Jumio Payment Card Scanning for a Seamless Experience

The last stage is bringing the customer closer to the completion of her online journey, peaking with the purchase of the offer.

At this point travellers are usually asked to manually enter their credit card information. Because this process is cumbersome and often difficult on a mobile device, the transactions often result in cart abandonment as much as 80%.

However, using Jumio’s mobile BAM Checkout mobile customers have the easiest and most friction-free way to make purchases in your mobile app. The traveller uses the camera of their smartphone to scan their credit card, instantaneously extracting and populating the form details to make the purchase in seconds.

Less hassle, happier customers and more revenue for the airline and retailer.


Did you know?

Entering payment data in this manner is 6x faster than traditional keyboard entry and typically results in at least a 10% increase in completed transactions.



Results you can expect

Improve the experience for all passengers by:

  • Deliver tailored, targeted flight status information in real-time
  • Get passengers the opportunity to make on-the-spot decisions about their experience

At the same time, you can:

  • Maximise your revenue
  • Reduce costs associated with day-of-travel activity
  • Improve anti-fraud measures as you know the credit card is present when the passenger purchases

Running behind schedule and flight delay experiences happen to hundreds of thousands of people across the world, every day.

It is your goal, to create a smooth day of travel experience for passengers and simultaneously grow positive profit margins from your ancillaries ensuring your passengers and shareholders are both happy.

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