easyJet’s mobile app reaches new heights with help from Jumio

easyJet’s mobile app has been downloaded over 10 million times to date. Now, the check in process for easyJet customers will be even easier, thanks to Jumio’s Fastfill, enabling passengers to scan their passports using their mobile phones.

This data extraction solution has been integrated into easyJet’s mobile app. As the UK’s largest airline, easyJet is the first in Europe to roll out this feature for iOS and Android devices.

This technology will make it quicker and easier for passengers to check in securely. As easyJet’s Head of Digital James Millett says, ‘it’s another example of innovating to make travel as easy as it is affordable with easyJet.”

From Jumio’s perspective, what we’re seeing this year is companies becoming more innovative when it comes to their apps. Today’s mobile customer expects an app that’s straightforward to use, which offers a sophisticated experience.

As holiday makers and business travellers alike become more mobile-orientated, it will be key for airlines and travel operators to embrace this change and make it easier for customers to complete transactions and processes on the move.

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