Citi Chief Innovation Officer about Jumio on Bloomberg TV

Deborah Hopkins, chairman of venture capital initiatives and chief innovation officer at Citigroup Inc., talks about Jumio on todays interview with Corey Johnson from Bloomberg.

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Here are some extracts

“One of the companies we have invested in is Jumio (…) they have an incredible new breakthrough way of thinking about security.”

About online shopping card not present transactions she says: “Their technology is amazing. It allows you really to identify that that person has their card in their hands. But at the same time it’s an incredible user experience. So by seeing something like that and bringing it to our people on the cards business, they say ‘Wow, that’s something we can deploy.'”

About Jumio Corp

Jumio delivers the next-generation in identity verification, enabling businesses to reduce fraud and increase revenue while providing a fast, seamless customer experience.