Bitcoin is Booming

The Bitcoin community is seeing unprecedented levels of innovation from businesses that are basing services on the bitcoin protocol. We’re seeing everything from payroll and bill payment services, through to crowd sale platforms and even services designed to let you sign documents directly on the block chain.

With this innovation, the Bitcoin community is also getting richer. According to Coindesk’s latest State of Bitcoin report, the Bitcoin market received $200m in venture capital investment in the 12 months to June this year. That compares to just $17.1m in the year before that, meaning that investment has increased 12-fold.

The number of VC-backed start-ups in the Bitcoin space stood at 7 last year and now stands at 48 as of June. Clearly, companies and investors are waking up to the potential for this crypto currency.


by Hollie Stephens
European Marketing Campaign Executive at Jumio

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