Age Verification

Streamline KYC with age verification featuring real-time response and definitive yes/no answers

Regulations around age-restricted commerce are complex and constantly changing. It’s vitally important to develop an airtight age verification process that keeps products and services intended for adults out of the reach of underage children.

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Age-Restricted Industries

Gaming, gambling and sports betting
Online dating
e-Cigarettes and vaping
Cannabis and tobacco
(online and in store)

How Jumio Can Help

Jumio’s suite of identity and authentication solutions is specifically designed for age-restricted industries.

Age Verification

Jumio’s ID Verification extracts the date of birth from a wide variety of government-issued IDs which can be used to calculate the current age of the person creating the account or making an online purchase.
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Fraud Deterrence

Jumio’s Identity Verification solution requires a valid government-issued ID and a selfie, which provides a powerful fraud-prevention tool as many minors generally prefer not to use their own likeness if they’re trying to use a parent’s ID to make an online purchase.
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Liveness Detection

Given the rise of spoofing (the act of using a photo, video or a different substitute for an authorized person’s face), Jumio employs state-of-the-art liveness detection to ensure that the person creating the account or making an online purchase is physically present.
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Ongoing Authentication

After legitimate customers have verified themselves online, Jumio Authentication ensures all future logins and purchases are being made by the original account owner. It can also be deployed in store.
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Key Benefits

Brand Reputation

Show the world that you take age verification and the safety of minors seriously.

Compliance Mandates

Meet FDA guidelines by ensuring that your customers are of legal age.

Online and In-Store Verification

Intuitive digital and kiosk-driven experiences help you verify the age of all customers, whether they’re online or in store.

Biometric-Based Verification and Authentication

Face-based biometric verification and liveness detection are a strong deterrent for would-be fraudsters and underage customers using a fake ID.

Scale Direct Sales

Eliminate the middleman and the third-party markups by compliantly scaling your online sales and operations.

Simplify Deliveries

Help drivers with in-person alcohol, medical marijuana and tobacco deliveries with a quick and easy means of age verification.

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