5 Tips for Capitalising With Mcommerce

Mcommerce is big business. More than two-thirds of United States consumers now use smartphones according to the latest Nielsen research, and in 2013 the US Mcommerce market grew to $34.2billion.

Mcommerce is here to stay and we recently highlighted the need to optimise your website to capitalize on the huge opportunity Mcommerce presents.

So here are our 5 tips on optimising your Mcommerce site:

  1. Make everything bigger
    Consumers are accessing your site through portable gadgets with small screens. Making icons, text, drop down menus and other interfaces bigger means that your site is easier for them to navigate.
  2. Cut down on unnecessary content
    Just like you need to make things bigger on your Mcommerce site to deal with the smaller screen size, you also need to strip out unnecessary information to make sure that all your relevant information is read on a small screen. Any content that does not take users from point A to B in one-step is non-essential, so take it out.
  3. Understand how consumers are using your site.
    People using mobile phones are often at different steps of the buying cycle, or in different frames-of-mind altogether than those using Laptops or desktop PCs. For example, are they conducting preliminary research on tablet? Searching for the nearest retail outlet via smartphone? Trying to buy directly from a mobile device? Once you understand this you can design an Mcommerce site that meets those needs.
  4. Match mobile to corporate look
    Make sure your branding runs through and is consistent in all aspects of your online presence, including your mobile site. Visual and brand inconsistency confuses the consumer, so make sure you match mobile and desktop sites to your brand’s established style guidelines.
  5. Make your Purchasing process as fast and easy as possible!
    Nobody wants to enter lines and lines of information on a small smartphone screen or tablet just to buy a product. Make this as quick as possible by cutting down the amount of information you require consumers to enter at the POS to a minimum. Tools like Netswipe almost entirely eliminate this process.

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