Identity is the Cornerstone of Online Security and Privacy

With almost 2 billion smart phones in the world how we connect, shop, game, bank and even travel is changing. Everything is now at our finger tips and as a result digital ID authentication is making a big splash.

Mobile is synonymous with convenience – filling out lots of boxes and remembering various passwords and users names in order to verify yourself, isn’t. However, with thanks to new innovations in ID authentication it is now easier than ever to validate yourself online. Our tool Netverify, for example, turns your customer’s smartphone into their very own ID scanning terminal – making it fast and easy to capture and verify their ID and other credentials to meet KYC requirements. Fraud is reduced as Netverify makes it harder than ever to forge someone’s ID as the tool compares the user’s live image to a scanned ID with Jumio’s Face Match technology. User experience is also improved, as customers no longer need to send off paper and wait weeks for it be returned in order to authenticate themselves – authentication is done complete in seconds.

The use of mobile authentication is growing rapidly in popularity too. Just last December for example, The Iowa Department of Transportation announced that it was about to release a driver’s license app for smartphones. Although the initial roll out of the digital license would only be an alternative to the paper temporary licenses issued by the department, the goal eventually is to have customers electing to use the digital license in lieu of the physical license.

Large consumer organisations are also adopting mobile authentication to improve user experience. Both EasyJet and United Airline now allow travellers to use their smartphone to verify themselves. No more getting to the airport early to stand in line to check in! Just a few taps on your mobile and you’re straight through to duty free shopping and a well-deserved airport beer. Airbnb has also implemented a verification process in order to improve accountability between renters and property owners on its service – helping to promote trust within the Airbnb community. Betting websites with strict age restriction and KYC requirements are now also asking their gamers to verify themselves. Netverify not only makes the sign-up process streamline but also captures other important personal information, such as age, sex and geographic location which can be used to help push targeted promotion to the right audience.

Your digital identity is the cornerstone of online security and privacy, and smartphones serving as authentication devices offers a convenient and quick way prove who you are.

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Author: David Pope, EMEA Marketing Director, Jumio

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