What’s New in the Jumio KYX Platform

Today we are proud to announce the continued evolution of the Jumio KYX Platform with additional features that further enhance our intuitive, one-stop orchestration hub. The KYX Platform provides end-to-end identity proofing, risk assessment and KYC/AML compliance management to help you fight fraud and financial crime. Following are the highlights of the latest improvements.

Enhanced Identity Proofing

Our identity proofing is better than ever with the following enhancements:

  • ID Verification, Identity Verification and Document Verification capabilities are significantly enhanced to detect sophisticated ID/document manipulations, including selfie photos used as ID photos and ID photos used as selfie photos.
  • Age estimation predicts the age of the person in the selfie and checks for mismatches against the date of birth on the ID
  • Additional globally trusted data sources provide added assurance when evaluating risk across the user journey
  • Expanded name, address, phone, email and device risk signals provide additional assurance and support compliance
  • Instant feedback provides a better user experience for end users with more guidance and up to five retries when capturing their selfie photo

Fully Integrated Orchestration Hub

Our new enterprise-grade dashboard presents business-critical information in a custom visual format with options to drill down into the data, including:

  • Access to 500+ global data sources for identity proofing, risk assessment and eKYC/AML compliance
  • Real-time analytics and actionable insights help business users respond to threats
  • Customizable, consolidated fraud and compliance views along with enhanced visualizations/reporting

Self-Service Rules Engine

The KYX Platform’s customizable workflows allow businesses to tailor their processes according to their unique use cases across industry verticals. We provide the industry’s most extensive library of 800+ pre-configured rules to help you jump start your fraud defense. Best of all, the rules editor lets business users modify rules in real time – without waiting for technical teams to implement the necessary changes. This means your business can respond immediately to sudden shifts in trends so you can keep fraudsters out and let your good customers in.

To learn more, see the press release, or contact us to start a conversation about how Jumio can help you solve your identity proofing, eKYC and compliance challenges. You can also visit us at Money20/20 at booth 2103.


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