Technology at its best – Finovate Europe 2014

The Jumio team really enjoyed Finovate Europe 2014– our launch of Fastfill was well received and some fantastic networking and conversations were had by our team. Finovate was a technological melting pot of the geek chic of the financial services world – unsurprisingly Mobile stole the show.

Here are three (F)innovating companies which stood out for the Jumio team:

  • Payworks – mobile point of sale, quickly and efficiently – music to Jumio’s ears.
  • Toshl Finance – a truly user friendly app to help everyone manage their finances better, something we all could use!
  • Pixeliris – Offer something which we believe will be the future – peer to peer payments without even having to touch your smartphones together. CopSonic has an awful lot to bring to the futuristic table.

We feel these technologies fit in with a similar future to what we envisage at Jumio, easy to use, very secure mobile technology utilizing technology consumers are happy to use.

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