Transact Quickly and Confidently with Customers

Jumio’s unique computer vision solutions help online businesses with age verification while improving customer sign-up rates.

  • Reduce abandonment and increase conversion
  • Prevent identity and card fraud
  • Authenticate ID credentials issued by over 200 countries


Solutions Across Industries


Prevent fraud and account takeover in order to safeguard the customer experience and reduce friction associated with account opening.

Credit card processing

Ensure the person holding the card is who they say they are.

Money transfers

Provide a more secure digital platform for seamless financial transactions while meeting KYC/AML requirements.

AML/KYC compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance including KYC and AML in real-time as if your customer is standing in front of you.

Password protected websites

Provide a streamlined and secure alternative to knowledge-based authentication.

Online banking

Remove friction from account opening process and reduce costs associated with manual ID validation.

How We’re Applying Our Technology to Organizations of All Kinds

Reduce abandonment and increase conversion

Jumio is leading the way helping businesses transacting on mobile channels to reduce abandonment at customer sign-up or checkout. Our computer vision technology speeds up customer registration and delivers conversion lift of over 10%. That translates to more revenue to your bottom line.


Deter fraud

Criminals are increasingly turning to originations fraud and account takeover to monetize stolen identities. Jumio is rapidly becoming the document verification provider of choice to keep criminals out of the financial system.

Authenticate ID credentials issued by over 130 countries

Jumio has become the provider of choice for customer credentials verification in online environments: mobile, desktop, app, APIs. We extract, validate, and auto-populate data from driver licenses, passports and government-issued IDs.

"By adding Jumio’s Netverify® into the customer verification process, we are making life quicker and easier for our customers, minimising fall-out from lengthy verification processes and removing costly man hours where we have to receive and review documents manually."

Phillip Rivers, Head of Registrations, Payments and Fraud, betfair
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