Jumio’s unique computer vision solutions help online and mobile businesses with age verification online while improving customer sign-up rates

At Jumio we work with clients from almost every industry to help them solve the challenge of transacting quickly and confidently with their customers in online and mobile environments.

20 years after the birth of the internet, the task for online and mobile businesses is still to strike the right balance between security and convenience, and at Jumio we believe that use of mobile device cameras make it possible to satisfy both of these requirements at once.

Jumio’s approach is to use computer vision technology to turn your customer’s mobile device into a payment card and ID document scanner. Our technology extracts customer payment or identity data and auto-populates it into your sign-up or checkout processes.

The result is near friction-less customer interactions with less abandonment and higher completion rates creating more revenue. In use cases where ID credentials authentication is required we offer a real-time process; authentication takes place seamlessly in the background so that customers are not inconvenienced and the momentum of the remote transaction is maintained, if not accelerated.

As the shift from traditional systems to internet and mobile devices increases, organizations of all industries must realign online and mobile user experiences in order to stay ahead of competitors and to meet, if not exceed, the ever-rising expectations of our customers.

Here’s an overview of how we’re already applying our technology to organizations of all kinds:

Reduce abandonment and increase conversion: Jumio is leading the way helping businesses transacting on mobile channels to reduce abandonment at customer sign-up or checkout. Our computer vision technology speeds up customer registration and delivers conversion lift of over 10%. That translates to more revenue to your bottom line. Learn more…
Prevent identity and card fraud: Criminals are increasingly turning to originations fraud and account takeover to monetize stolen identities and Jumio is rapidly becoming the document authentication provider of choice to keep criminals out of the financial system. Learn more…
Authenticate ID credentials issued by over 130 countries: Jumio has become the provider of choice for customer credentials verification in online and mobile environments. We validate, extract and auto-populate data from driver licenses, passports and government-issued IDs. This is particularly valuable with customer segments or geographies where ID database and KBA checks are expensive, unreliable or simply unavailable. Learn more…

Learn more about Jumio solutions:

“The combination of Jumio’s ID document authentication and facial comparison supports speedy account opening for our customers, and make for a better and faster customer experience with WorldRemit.”


“We’ve enabled Jumio’s solution to enhance our trust & safety efforts. It was easy to implement and the latest platform offers a fresh clean design and an intuitive user interface.”


“The new passport scanning feature saves valuable time and provides customers with more options to control their travel experience.”


“By adding Jumio’s Netverify® into the customer verification process, we are making life quicker and easier for our customers, minimising fall-out from lengthy verification processes and removing costly man hours.”


Here’s how Jumio supports leading money transfer company WorldRemit

Jumio supports leading money transfer company WorldRemit

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