High Rates of Mobile Shopping Cart Abandonment Tied to Poor User Experience

Today, we released the second half of data from a study conducted by research leader, Harris Interactive, that looks at consumer behavior on mobile. This set of data looks specifically at the issue of mobile shopping cart abandonment, and there were some interesting insights uncovered.

The research found that while consumers are clearly interested in making purchases with their smartphones (68% have attempted a purchase in the past), they are encountering roadblocks during check out, with two-thirds (66%) failing to complete a transaction because of obstacles at the point of purchase. The biggest issues?

  • 47% of respondents failed to complete a mobile purchase because checkout took too long
  • 41% reported that it was too difficult to enter credit card information quickly or easily
  • One in four respondents said they failed to complete their purchase because it would not go through on mobile

In addition, there are differences along gender and age lines around consumers’ comfort level entering secure credit card information on mobile devices.

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Our take? We know that consumers will continue to demand an easy, streamlined mobile payment process, and that frustrations around mobile transactions are causing consumers to bail at check out.  Brands can’t afford to invest so much only to lose users at the finish line but until they address concerns around the safety of credit card information and the speed of the checkout process, they’ll continue to see a large portion of their customers abandoning their shopping carts.

→ Check out the press release with the full findings here…

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