Over Half of Web Traffic Now Comes From Mobile

According to a new report, more than half of visits to retail websites in the UK now come from mobile devices, further highlighting the importance of mobile commerce and the need to look after mobile customers.

The latest IMRG Capgemini Report released this week has revealed that 51% of traffic to ecommerce sites in the second quarter of this year has come from smartphones or tablet– a figure that is set to rise in the future as mobile use increases.

At the same time, 36% of UK online sales are now completed on mobile devices, with 82% of m-commerce transactions taking place over tablets and 18% on smartphones. Retailers of clothing and apparel see 40% of their sales being made via mobile.

With retailers already gearing up for the mobile revolution, with brands like House of Fraser basing their multichannel strategy around the mobile experience, companies like Jumio have a crucial role to play. A fast and easy mobile checkout experience will be essential, and services like Netverify will come to the fore to ensure that mobile retailing services function with a minimum of fraud.

Source: http://www.uk.capgemini.com/news/uk-news/a-third-of-online-sales-now-made-via-mobile-devices

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