New callback parameter “dlCategories” and deprecation of old Netverify UI per 2018-01-16

The latest release of Netverify offers added functionality as listed below and greater stability for end users.

  • New callback parameter – “dlCategories”
    Added a new callback parameter “dlCategories” (JSON object) with “category”, “issueDate”, “expiryDate” and “isReadable”. This is currently only supported for France and Belgium. Please reach out to Jumio Support in case you want to enable this feature for your account.
  • New User Interface
    The older UI for Netverify Web and redirect is deprecated and will be turned off on 2018-01-16. If you are interested in turning on the new UI for your account, please contact Jumio Support.
  • New embed code parameter “clientWidth” and “clientHeight” for Netverify Web
    Set the new embed code parameters “clientWidth” and “clientHeight” to make sure the client scales the way you want.
  • Updated American and British English “Copy”
    Updated the content for American and British English in both Netverify Web and redirect; making it easier for the end-user to complete the ID verification process.
  • Renaming of color customization elements in the Customer Portal
    Renamed “Base color” to “Primary color” (UI elements) and “Message color” to “Secondary color” (background) within the Customer Portal, under “Customize client” – “General”.

The implementation guide and further details can be found via the following link:

The Jumio support team is happy to answer your questions at or

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