Netverify Multi Document callback images, Netverify Web capture method per transaction & other new features

The latest release of Netverify offers added functionality as listed below, greater stability for end users and there are a few new items to be taken into account for implementing Netverify:

  • Added images in Netverify Multi Document callback
  • Capture method (camera/upload) can be defined per transaction in the initiate call
  • Netverify Web embedded can be loaded asynchronously, giving greater flexibility
    • JavaScript does not need to be included at the end of “</head>” tag anymore
  • Included three timestamps in Netverify callback
    • transactionDate, firstAttemptDate and callbackDate
  • Added Barbados passport, driver license and ID card support for Netverify
  • Included date of birth and expiry date in CSV download in Jumio merchant backend

The Implementation Guide and further details can be found at the following links:

As always, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Jumio Customer Service at or We will be happy to help.

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