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Netverify Multi Document: Additional callback parameters extracted

We would like to announce the latest release of Netverify. It offers added functionality as listed below and greater stability for end users.

  • Added following callback parameters to extracted data for Netverify Multi Document
    • For document type UB, “dueDate” will be returned, if populated
    • For document type CCS, “cardNumberLastFourDigits” will be returned, if populated
  • Added response parameter “issueDate” for retrieving scan details and document data only for Netverify Retrieval API
  • Removed following callback IP addresses for the US data center:

The implementation guides and further details can be found via the following links:


As always, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Jumio Customer Service at support@jumio.com or https://support.jumio.com. We will be happy to help.