Pre-selection of country and ID type is now possible

The latest release of Netverify offers added functionality as listed below and greater stability for end users.

  • Added pre-selection of country and ID type per transaction for Netverify Web embedded and redirect
    If new request parameters “presetCountry” and “presetIdType” are set, the country / ID type selection screen gets skipped in the user journey.
  • Change of the default authorization token lifetime from 5 to 30 minutes
    Note: This change doesn’t affect the session timeout (which will remain at 15 minutes). Once the transaction is started by the end user, they have a maximum time of 15 minutes to complete the upload.
  • Callback parameters “idFaceMatch” and “idFaceLiveness” are deprecated and will be removed by end of December 2017.

The implementation guides and further details can be found via the following links:

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