Jumio Looks to the Future by Forming Bitcoin Initiative

At Jumio we pride ourselves on leading the industry in bridging the gap between our increasingly digital lives, new technology and ensuring the security of our most valued assets – our identity and finances.

You may have seen in the news today that we have formed BISON, the Bitcoin Identity Security Network with eight leading Bitcoin exchanges, wallets and ATM providers – once again moving quicker than any other business to ensure that new and emerging digital technologies don’t compromise our security.

There is no escaping the fact Bitcoin is on the rise, an upward trend that we believe is going to continue. It is therefore critical that Bitcoin be as secure and trustworthy as any other form of currency – which is exactly what we want to achieve with BISON. Our aim is to provide an efficient way to validate buyer identities at the point of purchase via any connected device. The buyer’s identity will be used solely in the relationship with the exchange or wallet and does not change any aspects of the Bitcoin transaction flow.

While it may seem unthinkable that a digital currency such as Bitcoin could one day replace pound and pence or dollars and dimes it is worth remembering that in the early nineties similar scepticism existed around the Internet. We all know how that turned out! At Jumio, we see a similar future for Bitcoin – and we will be proud to say that we were there to help the Bitcoin industry achieve its full potential by instilling a higher degree of confidence in the system.

About Jumio Corp

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