Is anyone out of the clutches of the Fraudster?

Earlier this year AOL published a list of people most likely to be targeted and fall victim to fraudsters. Unsurprisingly the list covered a huge cross-section of society including the wealthy, young professional renters, young families, those who live in large urban areas, people who live in commuter belts and council housing tenants.

This complements Jumio’s own research, The Fraudsters Playbook which included input from convicted fraudsters, which revealed that typically fraudsters target people born between 1960 and 1975. People in this age range tend to have better credit ratings and larger incomes and are also young enough to portray a rich picture on social media but not always be internet savvy enough to protect themselves.

At Jumio we believe that improved ID verification technology is the answer which is why we developed Netswipe and Netverify, making the traditional online payment and ID verification process a not only fast, but a much more secure and card present like interaction.

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