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BAM Checkout - How it works

Learn how Jumio’s BAM Checkout and
M-commerce can work for you.

Mobile app checkout in seconds, not minutes

When customers arrive at your mobile checkout form they see a scan button in addition to traditional key entry fields.

Your customer simply taps the scan button which will guide them through using their mobile device’s camera to do two quick scans of both their credit card and driver license.

BAM Checkout com­pletes the scan­ning process in a matter of sec­onds, then auto-populates your existing checkout fields with all of the infor­ma­tion needed — name, ship­ping address, and credit card number and expi­ra­tion date. This is how m-commerce and BAM Checkout can work for you.

1. Customer simply taps scan button on mobile form

2. Customer holds up their credit card and driver license (back of card) to their mobile device’s camera.

3. In seconds, scanning is completed and data is auto-populated into checkout fields.

Is your mobile app really designed for your on-the-go m-commerce customers?

As obvious as that point seems, the reality is that on the most crucial pages of mobile apps —  the checkout process – most apps fall short.

Asking your customer to key enter their personal and payment data may be acceptable in a desktop environment but is most certainly detrimental to successful process completion when your customer is on the go. UX studies have shown that completion rates can improve by over 100% by simply reducing the number of fields that a consumer must key enter into a form.

Jumio’s technology leverages the capabilities of device cameras and taps into a natural and ubiquitous consumer behavior that mobile device owners already perform hundreds of millions of times per day. No lengthy instructions or explanations are necessary; the Scan ID button says it all and consumers are guided through the intuitive process in seconds.

If meeting or exceeding your mobile checkout goals is important, installing BAM Checkout is the easiest and most effective step you can take. Installation is fast and results are immediate.

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