Great minds think alike – Wired and Jumio on Shopping Cart Abandonment

In its last issue Wired published that on average 67.98% percentage of online customers abandon their shopping carts. Now Wired takes its average result based on 24 independent studies and the reasons respondents listed included:

  • Unexpected costs
  • Spotting a better price elsewhere
  • Navigation process was too complicated

Now for those of you avid Jumio followers you will know that we conducted our own research on shopping cart abandonment and found that 66% of consumers were abandoning. We focussed on the mobile channel of online consumers but we also found that similar reasons for abandonment were being listed. What is awful though is that merchants are still accepting this level of abandonment in their online stores.

Two reasons for abandonment with which Jumio takes particular issue with are the over complication of the navigation process and unexpected costs.
In this day and age navigation should be all about optimizing the customer experience so you get the sale. If you get the transparency of the cost right (an informed customer is a happy one) and the checkout process super slick the customer will not have time to spot another price and before they have chance to get distracted the consumer will have completed their transaction.
We know that ultimately consumers do shop around especially online – but it wouldn’t be acceptable to any business in store if 70% of the customers dropped their baskets and ran and it shouldn’t happen online either.

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