Use Cases

Use Cases

How Jumio Clients are Using BAM Checkout

Our clients continue to come up with various ways to use BAM Checkout. Tell us about yours!


Expedite Mobile App Checkout:

  • Retailers of all types who sell via a mobile app know that shopping cart abandonment on mobile devices, is a real problem. Incorporating BAM Checkout into a merchant’s existing mobile app checkout flow means that consumers can speed their way through the purchase process and that means more sales. In fact, by implementing both the credit card and driver license scanning of BAM Checkout eliminates about 75 keystrokes and approximately 2 minutes of time from a standard checkout process.

Strengthen Anti-Fraud processes in your M-Commerce Channel:

  • Merchants are able to reduce the number of fraud-related chargebacks because with BAM Checkout, a crosscheck happens between the names on credit card and driver license. The merchant is informed as to any discrepancies between the two sources and can use this information in conjunction with their other risk management procedures to determine transaction authorization. Secondly, BAM Checkout requires a customer to scan their actual credit card to complete their in-app purchase giving the merchant the confidence of knowing who their customer is.


Optimize Your Travel App’s purchase process:

  • With BAM Checkout, consumers can conveniently pay for hotel rooms, car rentals and other travel-related reservations by scanning their driver license and credit card instead of undertaking lengthy key entry on mobile checkout pages. This reduces checkout friction and increases checkout completion rates and revenue. BAM Checkout also adds a cool factor to your app that consumers love.

Ready to Move Forward?

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