Jumio Unveils New ID Scan Image Capturing Technology in Latest Version of Award-Winning Netverify

New Enhancements Take Scan Experience and Fraud Detection to a New Level

Palo Alto, Calif. – Feb. 3, 2015 – Jumio, Inc., the fast growing online and mobile credentials management company, today announced enhanced features to its proprietary ID card scanning service, Netverify. Netverify provides businesses utilizing mobile and online channels an accurate and efficient way to authenticate the identity credentials of their customers or prospects.

The new release features a brand new ID image capturing technology, which allows users to position their ID any which way within their camera view. This enhanced template matching capability automatically detects the ID edges, rotates, and accurately crops it in the frame, regardless of the angle at which the user is holding the ID. This results in a higher scan acquisition rate and an overall superior customer experience.

To ensure that the person presenting the ID to their device camera is in fact the individual featured in the ID, Jumio’s Face Match technology compares the customer’s face with the photo on their ID and produces a likelihood-of-match score. The latest release now provides enhanced liveness detection technology, which is designed to detect even the slightest facial movements when the customer presents their face to their device camera. This guards against use of IDs that are actually bona fide but may have been stolen or otherwise are being presented without the owner’s permission. Liveness detection ensures that the person is actually present and precludes a criminal’s attempt to pass the Face Match process by presenting a static photo image of the individual.

Netverify has become the ID authentication standard in industries such as financial services, travel, gaming and the sharing economy helping businesses meet KYC and ID verification requirements by authenticating and extracting data from IDs such as driver licenses, passports, or identity cards issued by over 120 countries.

The new template matching and liveness detection technology can be seen in action here: https://www.jumio.com/nv.

“Continued instances of fraudulent transactions, hacks, and breaches have created the need for better ways to authenticate consumers,” said Jumio CEO Daniel Mattes. “Our mission is twofold: to create a transaction environment that minimizes the likelihood of identity fraud and to improve the consumer experience while doing so.”

The Netverify update also boasts front-side optical character recognition, improved extraction of 2D Barcode Scanning for U.S. driver’s licenses, better blurriness detection, and an enhanced user interface. Netverify is available for iOS and Android mobile apps, websites and the mobile web with the new template matching technology and liveness detector available today in the EU and in the US in March.  The liveness detection feature is only available for iOS.

About Jumio:

Jumio is a fast-growing credentials management company that utilizes proprietary computer vision technology to authenticate customer ID credentials in real-time web & mobile transactions and reduce mobile checkout friction. Jumio’s products are designed to increase revenue, reduce fraud and increase customer satisfaction.

The company’s mission is to provide its clients with intuitive, consumer-facing technology that integrates easily into their apps and websites and makes it possible for their consumers to conduct a wide range of mobile transactions with a minimal number of keystrokes.   Half of the top 10 consumer Internet companies, along with hundreds of other retailers, financial institutions, marketplaces, gaming companies and more have adopted Jumio products to help speed through customer sign-up and checkout processes. Jumio has received numerous innovation awards from leading industry associations and is listed on The Sharepost 100 as one of the world’s most innovative and compelling private companies.  
Jumio’s products include BAM Checkout™, which enables customers to complete a mobile checkout in seconds by scanning their credit card and driver license, resulting in increased revenue and reduced fraud for the merchants. Netverify® for web and mobile supports real-time ID verification of credentials issued by over 120 countries to help clients meet a variety of know-your customer requirements.
Jumio was founded in 2010 by CEO Daniel Mattes and is backed by top tier investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Citi Ventures and Facebook Co-Founder, Eduardo Saverin. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Jumio operates globally with offices in the US and Europe and processes credentials issued by over 120 countries. For more information, visit https://www.jumio.com.

Press Contact:
Jenny Davis, Dotted Line Communications for Jumio
[email protected]