A New iPhone App From Travelocity. With Jumio Inside.

We are happy to announce new agreement with Travelocity – Hotel Deals by lastminute.com, one of the largest travel companies in the world, who integrates our service into their new iPhone app.

The new iPhone app helps travelers find great last minute deals on hotel rooms. The app incorporates Jumio’s card scanning technology, Netswipe, in the checkout process, adding an extra layer of speed, convenience and security for consumers who wish to purchase discounted hotel rooms. Travelocity utilized our quick-to-implement Netswipe Mobile SDK to add this functionality into the new app.

“Hotel Deals by lastminute.com is the first travel app to implement innovative credit card scanning technology that uses the iPhone’s camera to read and enter the customer’s credit card information. This saves on-the-go travelers the hassle of tapping in the numbers on a mobile device,” said Jason Fulimines, head of mobile, Travelocity. “Consumers are offered the choice of entering their card information manually or simply tapping ‘auto-scan credit card with camera’ and holding their credit card up to the phone camera for automated data entry.”

In addition, our technology validates the consumer’s credit card which serves as an integral part of its clients’ fraud prevention processes. Of course Jumio’s solution is fully PCI compliant and utilizes 128 bit encryption in card data transmission.

“Jumio and Travelocity recognize that the mobile consumer requires different, more streamlined experiences and functionality to conduct transactions than simply transferring the same processes from the big screen to the little screen,” said Marc Barach, chief marketing officer, Jumio. “It takes nearly a minute for consumers to successfully enter their credit card data the conventional way and we’re able to reduce that time by a factor of 10 to about five seconds. This acceleration not only creates a more satisfying user experience it also increases customer throughput at this critical point-of-sale moment.”

App Store reviews.

The first reviews of the app can be found on Apple’s App Store, here are a few examples of customers’ encouraging feedback…

“Love the credit card scanner for billing.” (by Rjbass, Sept 18)

“Love the card scan checkout. I hate typing in my cc info.” (by BigglesGate, Sept 13)

“Great app, great deals, luv the credit card pic thing.” (by Chippewatony, Sept 14)

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