Increase your Android app conversion by 20 percent with the card scanning technology by Jumio.

Netswipe turns a customer’s smart­phone camera into a real-time, secure credit card reader, allowing busi­nesses to more easily and quickly accept mobile pay­ments by elim­i­nating the need for con­sumers to type in their credit card number. By adding Jumio’s pay­ment func­tion­ality to their app’s checkout process, com­pa­nies can see a lift in con­ver­sions up to 20 per­cent, due to the speed and con­ve­nience Netswipe brings to users, reducing fraud and elim­i­nating errors in key entry.

Mer­chants can’t afford it that cus­tomers abandon their shop­ping cart.

With the Netswipe tech­nology, con­sumers can shorten checkout time to 5 sec­onds to scan a card, com­pared with nearly a minute when they have to man­u­ally enter their credit card number. Mer­chants typ­i­cally see only one-half of all mobile trans­ac­tions com­pleted at checkout through tra­di­tional methods but Jumio’s simple card scan­ning option sur­passes con­sumer expec­ta­tions for quick and stream­lined mobile expe­ri­ences, dra­mat­i­cally increasing the ratio to com­ple­tion. In addi­tion to the con­ve­nience Netswipe offers, cus­tomers find the card scan­ning expe­ri­ence to be a more enjoy­able way to make a payment.

Also avail­able on iOS, Jumio’s card scan­ning tech­nology pro­vides greater fraud pro­tec­tion and takes less than 30 min­utes to imple­ment into any Android app. To inte­grate the mobile app, go to or con­tact